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"It has been a pleasure working along with Holger during my time at M.H Alshaya. Holger has been an inspirational figure through his achievements and leadership and was at time a valuable mentor. Holger carries a wide professional experience at corporate level within the FMCG industry, and I found our exchanges to be rich and constructive."

Philippe Tardieu / General Manager - Hospitality Development Company

I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Holger for a little over 2 years. Mr. Holger is a professional with immense experience and knowledge of the retail sector. If your business is struggling or has room to grow, Mr. Holger is the one person that can help you with that. I have nothing but great things to say about him.

Anar Putayev / Marketing Director - Araz Supermarket MMC

"Three of the most interesting, insightful and learned phases of my career were spent working for Holger. Holger led what was an underperforming division and turned it around. He had an understanding of the business and an in depth grasp of the P&L that left superior mesmerised as he knew where every penny was being made and where every penny was being spent, and he left no stone unturned. That said, he far from mico-managed the team in fact he had a unique judgement of people, letting those that were capable, get on with it and those that needed guidance, he kept in check in a very calm way. Holger commanded remarkable respect within Alshaya and the loyalty show to Holger by his team was extremely strong. Furthermore his ability to know and be known by a large number of employees at all levels was impressive and he was happy to coach and give advise to many. I learned a huge amount from all the above factor of Holger's management style."

Rupert Morris / Group Trading Director at A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd

"Holger is a highly experienced and most accomplished CEO who has on a number of occasions demonstrated his ability to profitably expand/develop retail and wholesale businesses in challenging circumstances and or locations. . Holger has the maturity of commercial and character judgment that is critically important qualities for a CEO. Whether you need him to create and successfully launch a new business or turn around an existing but underperforming businesses he is the “go to“ guy. His success in building diverse businesses in retail/food, leading turnarounds of struggling companies and championing greenfield ventures in many different markets is clear testimony of his management skill and multicultural perspective. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to localise global brand and concepts in terms of the right customer positioning, price architecture and service levels, and make the business relevant to the needs and wants of the local consumer. Holger has a mesmeric understanding of the Supermarket business and an in depth grasp of the balance sheet - he knows where every penny was being made and where every penny was being spent, and he leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of profit. When the going gets tough, Holger gets going and delivers the bottom line"

James Logie / Global Retail Specialist

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